8 Amazing Animals That Live and Travel in Packs


Known for their complex social structures, wolves travel and hunt in packs, cooperating to take down prey much larger than themselves.


These majestic creatures form prides, led by a dominant male, and work together to defend territory, hunt prey, and rear young.

African Wild Dogs

Also called painted wolves, these highly social animals live in packs with strict hierarchies, relying on teamwork for hunting and raising offspring.

Orca Whales

Orca pods, consisting of related females and their offspring, work together to hunt, communicate, and navigate the vast oceans.

Hunting Dogs

Various species of hunting dogs, such as dholes and African hunting dogs, utilize pack hunting strategies to chase down and capture prey.


Despite their reputation as scavengers, hyenas are skilled hunters that live in clans, working together to bring down large mammals like wildebeests and zebras.


Living in large family groups called mobs, meerkats cooperate to forage for food, raise young, and protect against predators in the harsh African savanna.

Red Foxes

While typically solitary, red foxes sometimes form loose family groups during the breeding season, sharing resources and cooperating to raise their offspring.