8 Mexican Casserole Recipes You Have to Try

Salsa Verde Chicken Casserole

A zesty and flavorful dish, this casserole features tender chicken mixed with salsa verde, corn, and black beans, all layered with gooey cheese and tortillas. It s a perfect weeknight meal that can be easily prepped ahead of time.

Cheesy Chile Casserole

This rich and creamy casserole combines roasted green chiles with layers of cheese and a savory custard. It s a simple, yet satisfying dish that s perfect for brunch or as a side to any Mexican-inspired meal.

Fold-Over Tortilla Bake

A hearty and kid-friendly option, this bake involves tortillas folded over a filling of seasoned ground beef, beans, and cheese. It s a quick assembly dish that bakes to a golden, crispy perfection.

Pork and Green Chile Casserole

A comforting dish featuring tender pork, green chiles, and a creamy sauce. This casserole is topped with cheese and baked until bubbly, offering a delicious blend of flavors with every bite.

Burrito Bake

All the flavors of a burrito in a convenient casserole form. Layer seasoned beef or chicken, rice, beans, and cheese, and top with tortillas and enchilada sauce for a meal that s easy to prepare and serve.

Mexican Egg Casserole

A perfect breakfast or brunch option, this casserole combines eggs, chorizo, bell peppers, onions, and cheese. It s a protein-packed dish that can be made ahead and reheated for a quick, delicious meal.

Southwestern Casserole

Packed with ground beef, corn, black beans, and a spicy tomato sauce, this casserole is topped with cornbread batter and baked to a golden perfection. It s a complete meal that s both hearty and flavorful.

Tex-Mex Summer Squash Casserole

A lighter casserole that features summer squash, tomatoes, corn, and black beans, all seasoned with Tex-Mex spices and topped with cheese. It s a healthy and colorful dish that s perfect for summer dinners.