8 Stunning Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Every Type of Bride

A Slightly Messy Bun

Effortlessly chic and stylish, this high bun adds a touch of "quiet luxury" to contemporary bridal looks, perfect for any season or setting.

A Delicate Feat

This romantic low bun with face-framing tendrils exudes timeless elegance, ideal for vineyard or beach weddings. Pair it with a crystal headpiece for added opulence.

A Trendy Top Knot

Chic and practical, a high top knot is a stylish choice for warm-weather weddings, effortlessly complementing floral dresses or garden settings.

A Fishtail Braid

Opt for a fun and whimsical look with a fishtail braid, perfect for adding texture and keeping hair off the neck during summer celebrations.

Silken Simplicity

Showcase your dress details with a silky updo, like this sleek chignon, ideal for highlighting necklines or intricate backs.

A High Ponytail

Effortlessly chic, a high ponytail offers a balance of polish and ease, ideal for showcasing stunning necklines or back details.

A Textured Lob

Embrace natural curls and texture with a textured lob, accented with a glamorous hair clip for added sparkle.

Cascading Tresses

For long locks, opt for wispy curls cascading down your back, ideal for maximalist or bohemian wedding aesthetics.