9 Coolest Long Hairstyles for Men in 2024

The long shaggy men s haircut is a stylish and sexy look, ideal for thick straight hair. It requires a bit of effort but is worth it for its messy or well-combed appearance.

Shag Haircut

Curly locks are a testament to the fact that long hair can be a standout feature for men. While it requires taming frizz, long curly hair exudes a relaxed and textured vibe.

Long Curly Hair

Layering long locks is perfect for thinning out thick hair or adding volume to fine hair. This style, exemplified by actor Norman Reedus, suits round and square-shaped faces with a middle part.

Long Layered Hair

Popularized by Harry Styles, this hairstyle complements various face shapes and works best for those with naturally textured and wavy hair.

Textured Waves

Growing long straight hair may take time, but it offers versatility in styling, from a middle part to braids, making it suitable for various looks.

Long Straight Hair

Determining the side part depends on the direction of the cowlick. This style offers flexibility for men with either clockwise or counterclockwise hair growth.

Side Part

A polished alternative to the side part, a center part long hairstyle is modern and striking, best suited for men with symmetrical features.

Long Hair with Middle Part

Naturally blonde men can effortlessly rock a surfer style, characterized by low-maintenance, shoulder-length hair, enhanced with sea salt spray or matte pomade for a beachy vibe.

Long Surfer Hair

The man bun remains a popular choice for men's long hairstyles, offering a masculine, sexy, and practical look that can be tailored to flatter different face shapes and preferences.

Man Bun