Here s What 9 Religious Characters Looked Like, According to AI

Mary Magdalene

Depicted with darker complexion and brunette hair, Mary Magdalene was a close follower of Jesus, noted for her presence during his crucifixion and resurrection.


As the foundational deity of Judaism, Yahweh is symbolized through actions rather than physical form, often represented by symbolic images like a burning bush or radiant light.


Moses, a significant prophet in multiple faiths, is known for biblical events like the plagues in Egypt and receiving the Ten Commandments, depicted across various mediums.

Adam and Eve

Depicted as light-skinned figures with typical physical attributes, Adam and Eve are commonly portrayed in a state of nudity, symbolizing their innocence before the Fall.

Martin Luther

Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses challenged the Catholic Church, leading to the Protestant Reformation and establishing him as a pivotal figure in religious history.


In Greek mythology, Zeus is depicted as the king of the gods, embodying traits of a sky god with flowing white hair and beard.


Kali, a Hindu goddess of power and destruction, is often portrayed with dark blue skin and fearsome attributes, symbolizing her formidable nature.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Revered in Christianity, Mary is often depicted in blue attire, symbolizing her association with royalty and her role as the mother of Jesus.


A prominent angel, Michael is depicted as a leader among angels, clad in armor and radiating light, embodying strength and majesty.