Top 10 Exercises to Lose Belly Fat


Engage your entire body with this equipment-free move. Start by standing shoulder-width apart, then squat down and place your hands on the floor. Jump your feet back into a plank position, then jump them back to your hands and stand up.

Bicycle Crunch:

Strengthen your abs with this dynamic move. Lie on your back, raise your legs, and pedal in the air while touching your opposite elbow to your knee. Aim for 30 reps on each side for 4 rounds.

Cross-Body Mountain Climber:

Elevate your heart rate and tone your abs with this high-intensity exercise. Start in a plank position and bring one knee towards the opposite elbow, alternating sides for 1 minute per round, for a total of 4 rounds.


Torch belly fat and sculpt your abs with this isometric hold. Maintain a straight line from head to heels while holding the plank position for 30 seconds or as long as possible.

Reverse Crunch:

Target the lower abs and shape your waist with this effective move. Lie on your back, raise your hips, and bring your knees towards your chin, completing 30 repetitions for 4 rounds.

Floor Sit-Up:

Define your upper abs with this classic exercise. Lie on your back, bend your knees, and lift your torso towards your knees, aiming for 4 rounds of 30 reps.

Crunch with Elevated Legs:

Strengthen your abs by lifting your torso while keeping your legs elevated. Begin with your legs supported on a ball or chair and progress as you get stronger.


Enhance abdominal toning with this yoga-inspired move. Lift your torso and legs to form a V position, completing 3 rounds of V-crunches for 30 seconds each, with 1-minute rest intervals.

Russian Twist:

Target belly fat with Russian twists. Do 2-3 sets of 8 repetitions, focusing on controlled twists from the ribs.

Jump Squat:

Engage abdominal muscles and reduce belly fat with jump squats. Also targets glutes, lower back, and thighs.